Friederich Herman was born in a small town in east Java, Indonesia. he started drawing when he was two years old; his first canvas was his bedroom walls, much to his parents' dismay. he graduated from University of Huddersfield with a bachelor of fine arts in fashion in 2011.

Established in january 2012, his eponymous brand's raison d'etre is to provide clean and classic clothing mixed with urban, nonchalant edgy vibe, thanks to interesting details that are consistently clever and not too tricky. But forget about minimalism; he whipped the basic right out of them by using an intriguing mix of fabrics and incorporating shocks of color into his subdued palette, creating a style that upholds individuality, breaking free from the conventions of a predictable 'uniform'. as a young designer, Friederich likes to think of himself as a contemporary pathfinder. He has one eye of what's fashionable now, and the other on what's coming next, and also a strong feeling for basics like proportion. "i'm a classicist with occasional thoughts of madness," he said.

In 2009, friederich was a finalist for the most promising young designer award during 2009 Malaysia-International fashion week. in november 2011, he won the first runner-up in lomba perancang mode Femina 2011, Indonesia's biggest fashion competition. recently, Friederich was awarded the 2012 gading fashion entepreneurship award for emerging talent in Indonesian Fashion.


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