Grand Launching

Proton Suprima S & Proton Preve

Why We Made it ?

This simple game was made to accompany the launching of new cars from Malaysia, Proton Suprima S and Proton Preve. Visitors can play the game and modify parts of the car body.

Feature Concept


We display the car which can be rotated 360 so user can see the modification result from each side.


We also complete the game witg drag and drop feature so user can modify the cars easily from PC or tablet.

SAVE ALL TO Database

All the users data were kept on database, so we could see which modification is the best.

Build and Develop

We made this site game to show the new product and facilitate user so they can apply many kind of features on each side.

We made 3D object using 3DS max 2010 agas, so the game can be more interactive, easier, and fun. All the icon was made simple using grey color, because the game's background already used many bright color.

icon we made with grayscale colour because we want to make it simple, because on the background we have so many colours


Let s start a new project together!

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